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NEW: Limited Edition Gisou Garden Jumpsuit

Introducing our NEW Gisou Garden Jumpsuit! Suit up this bee season with this limited edition, handmade jumpsuit inspired by traditional beekeeper suits and exclusively designed by Negin Mirsalehi and the Gisou team.

Update: the Gisou Garden Jumpsuit has sold out! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about new launches and limited edition products. 

Gisou Garden Jumpsuit

Inspiring younger generations to engage in beekeeping

Active beekeeper and founder of Gisou Negin Mirsalehi comes from a beekeeping family of 6 generations. Negin’s father learned to keep bees from his father, who learnt from his great-grandfather, and so on. It’s always been an ambition of Negin’s to inspire the younger generations to engage in beekeeping and pave the way for new beekeepers to come.

Kickstart your beekeeping journey

The first step to becoming a beekeeper is creating a bee-friendly environment in which bees can pollinate and thrive. Now, you have the perfect attire to begin creating your garden in style! To help you kickstart your beekeeping journey you will also receive a Gisou Flower Seed Set with all orders from the 20th May - 21st August 2021. 

New Limited Edition Gisou Garden Jumpsuit

Inspired by beekeeping suits

Beekeeping suits are a signature uniform for all beekeepers when tending to bees. The suits serve both the bees and beekeepers by providing a safe place for both parties to interact with one another and protect beekeepers from being stung whilst working with their hives. When designing the Garden Jumpsuit, Negin was inspired by the traditional features of a beekeeper suit.

The two-tone Gisou Garden Jumpsuit is made from 100% cotton and features unique design details such as velcro fastening cuffs and neckline, concealed zipper, multi-purpose pockets, elastic waist and detachable legs that guarantee practicality and long lasting comfort while you garden. Please note, it is not recommended you wear this suit or expose your legs when tending to the bees. 

 Gisou Garden Jumpsuit Bee Garden

Tend to your garden in style

Beekeeping suits are typically made in pale colours which are proven to keep bees calm, reducing the risk of them stinging and dying as a result. Whilst the Gisou Garden Jumpsuit does not offer protection against bee stings, the two-tone suit mimics the traditional style with its neutral colours plus, it is a great fashion staple that will have you enjoying the bee season and tending to your garden, big or small - in style. To finish off, we’ve added our own Gisou touch to the traditional suit, by lacing each pocket corner with pink stitches. 

How to support the honey bees

In order to create the perfect natural environment for the bees to thrive you will need seeds to sow! Planting wildflowers will help provide the local bees with nectar, their main source of food, whilst the bees pollinate the flowers in return. In doing so you will help fight the negative effects of climate change and habitat destruction on the livelihood of honey bees. 

Bees are the most important pollinators in the world which make them fundamental to the health of our natural ecosystem. This is why we are committed to supporting their welfare and lifecycle in any way we can and encourage you to do the same. If you have an order between the 20th May - 21st August you will receive a free Gisou Flower Seed Set! Simply follow these instructions here to plant your bee-friendly seeds!

Gisou Flower Seeds

Share how you #sowinstyle with us!

The Gisou Flower Seeds Set and your Garden Jumpsuit are the perfect tools to help you begin your journey to becoming a beekeeper. We can’t wait to see you sowing in your Gisou Garden Jumpsuit so don’t forget to share with us and the rest of the community by tagging @gisou and using the hashtag #sowinstyle.

Update: the Gisou Garden Jumpsuit has sold out! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about new launches and limited edition products. 

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