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Which Gisou Hair Perfume Is The Right One For You?

The Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition is a limited-edition perfume to complement our iconic Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume. Both hair perfumes are infused with sustainably sourced Mirsalehi Honey and nourishing Argan Oil.

But there are also some key differences between these two honey hair scents. Can’t decide which hair perfume is the right one for you? Take the quiz below and we’ll help you choose!

Which Gisou Hair Perfume Is The Right One For You?

Honey Infused Hair Perfume VS Hair Perfume Floral edition

While the original Honey Infused Hair Perfume is playful, fresh and feminine, the new Honey Infused Hair Perfume - Floral Edition is more mercurial, sophisticated and sensual. 

For a fresh & feminine scent, try Honey Infused Hair Perfume. Use Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition for the moments you want to make a lasting, lingering impression.  

What do Gisou hair perfumes smell like?

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition

Top notes of ginger and blackberry leaf, a heart note of lavender and a base note of honey in Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition evoke exhilaratingly late summer days and nights.

Top notes: Ginger & Blackberry Leaf

An addictive, slightly zesty, slightly tart fragrance with a subtle hint of sweetness. It evokes the smell of an aromatic garden filled with the lushest, ripest elements.

Heart note: Lavender

Floral, earthy lavender brings a tranquil balance to the warmness of honey and is reminiscent of a balmy summer afternoon strolling in the garden watching the sun set.

Base note: Honey

This one is rich. An indulgent, warm dark, as if the humid summer underwoods and their seeds were sprinkled with resin, then sweetened.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume 

Top notes of apricot and mandarin, a heart note of spring flowers and nectar and a base note of honey & white clover in Honey Infused Hair Perfume inspire lighthearted spring playfulness.  

Top Notes: Apricot & Mandarin

Citrus notes of apricot and mandarin bring a playful twist to its aroma.

Heart notes: Spring flowers & nectar

Feminine notes of spring florals inspired by the Mirsalehi Bee Garden leave an irresistible trail.

Base notes: Honey & White Clover

Delicate, sweet notes of honey evoke Gisou’s rich, 6 generation beekeeping heritage.

Negin beekeeping heritage

Can’t choose? Take the hair perfume quiz

1: What’s your go-to when it comes to scents?
A: Fresh & floral
B: Zesty & earthy

2. Pick a flavor:
A: Mandarin
B: Ginger

3: If your friends would describe you in two words, which would it be?
A: Playful & sweet
B: Sophisticated & spicy

4: Pick a season:
A: Spring
B: Summer

Did you pick mostly A? Then our iconic Honey Infused Hair Perfume is the scent for you.

Picked mostly B? You’ll love our limited edition Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition!

50/50 result? We can’t pick a favorite either! If you like our signature Honey Infused scent, you can use our iconic perfume to layer our iconic scent. If you want to make a lasting, lingering impression, try our Floral Edition. 

Where to buy the Honey Infused Hair Perfumes

The Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition and our signature Honey Infused Hair Perfume are available to purchase on 

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