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What is Beauty Balm + How to Use It

Using a beauty balm isn’t just about looking beautiful, it’s also about giving your skin the extra nourishment it needs to stay healthy and radiant. Beauty balm has a place in every skincare routine - for every body part - that needs extra moisture, nutrition, and protection from harsh elements.

Beauty balms have been used for centuries to heal, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Let’s explore exactly what a beauty balm is, what it does, and all the ways you can incorporate an all-purpose beauty balm into your skincare routine.

What is Beauty Balm?

What is Beauty Balm?

Natural beauty balm is a multitasking skincare balm formulated to nourish, protect, and hydrate the skin. Beauty balm contains skin-loving oils, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that promote a healthy skin barrier. It can be used to streamline your beauty routine by replacing your oil-based cleanser, makeup remover, moisturiser, and more.

What Does Beauty Balm Do?

Beauty balms are formulated to be intensely nourishing to the skin. They contain highly-concentrated natural ingredients that promote healing and soothe dry, chapped skin. 

They can be used to treat many skin issues, including dry cuticles, windburn, rough knees or elbows, and much more. Since beauty balms are rich in skin-loving natural oils, they also melt away makeup, dirt, and grime, much like an oil-cleanser or oil-based makeup remover.

Where Do You Apply Beauty Balm?

Beauty balm can be applied to the face, lips, knees, elbows, or even the feet! Natural beauty balms are usually safe for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types, so feel free to use them anywhere you have dry or chapped skin that needs a little extra TLC.

Why Use Beauty Balm?

Incorporating a beauty balm into your routine is an effective way to enhance your skin’s natural beauty, radiance, and overall health. Unlike conventional balms made from petroleum, all-natural beauty balms are made from botanical oils that melt into the skin, rather than sit on the surface.

Natural beauty balms have a lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky texture that suits all skin types. Using a beauty balm in place of your regular moisturiser hydrates and nourishes the skin, while also providing a radiant glow and other long-term benefits.

how to use beauty balm

Benefits of Beauty Balm

The primary goal of a natural beauty balm is to nourish, heal, and protect the skin, but there’s lots more to love about this multitasking complexion product. For starters, beauty balms are made almost entirely from active ingredients, specifically chosen to work with your skin and support its optimal function.

They’re generally free of chemical nasties like petroleum. And unlike water-based products, you’re only paying for ingredients that are good for your skin. They’re highly concentrated, so you only need a tiny amount for maximum benefits, which makes them a great value!

Due to their high concentrations of botanical oils and natural ingredients, beauty balms are often rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that protect the skin from free radicals and help to repair existing damage.

Naturally-occurring essential fatty acids in botanical oils also strengthen the moisture barrier and promote skin health. Some beauty balms also contain brightening and smoothing ingredients like turmeric and beeswax for a more even-toned complexion.

With regular use on the face or body, a beauty balm will leave the skin feeling softer, smoother, and more intensely hydrated. Chapped and dry areas of the skin will be soothed and protected from redness and irritation. 

And finally, a beauty balm can replace several steps in your beauty routine. Streamlining your routine with a natural product that’s free of fillers and made from sustainable ingredients, is better for you and the planet.

Ways to Use Beauty Balm

There are so many different ways to use beauty balm! It truly is a multi-purpose product that can be applied anywhere your skin needs a little extra love.

  • Beauty balms made from botanical oils can be used just like a cleansing balm or oil cleanser in your double cleansing routine. Simply warm a small amount of beauty balm between your palms, massage it into the skin, and wipe away with a warm washcloth. Follow up with your favourite water-based cleanser to complete your double cleanse.
  • Beauty balm can be applied in a thin layer as a daily moisturiser or a thicker layer as a deeply hydrating and calming overnight mask on clean skin. Warm the desired amount between your fingers before massaging into the skin in the morning before SPF and makeup or in the evening before bed.
  • Beauty balms are intensely nourishing, so they can rescue dry, peeling nails and cuticles. Warm a tiny amount of beauty balm between your fingertips and massage it into your nails and cuticles as a hydrating treatment.
  • Beauty balms are ideal for soothing parched winter skin, from dry elbows and cracked hands or feet to a windburned nose. Just a tiny amount will comfort dry, irritated skin and return it to its natural radiance. As an added bonus, beauty balm can work as a skin protectant, preventing sensitive areas from becoming dry or irritated due to the wind and cold.
  • If you love the look of highlighter but are looking for an alternative for powder-based highlighters, a beauty balm is just what you need! Beauty balm can be used over your makeup to provide a natural, healthy glow by simply tapping a tiny amount to the temples, cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and bridge of the nose.
  • Beauty balm can be your hair’s new best friend, too! A tiny amount can be used to tame flyaways or split ends. You can even swipe it onto your brows for extra hold before brushing them into place.

What’s the Best Beauty Balm?

The best beauty balm is one that’s made primarily from natural ingredients like botanical oils, honey and beeswax. Look for high concentrations of active ingredients that support skin health and promote healing. The formula should also absorb easily into the skin without a sticky or greasy feel.

Gisou’s Beauty Balm meets all the above criteria with 99% natural, clinically proven ingredients like honey, beeswax, and a botanical oil blend from our own bee garden. We’ve also included natural skin brighteners like turmeric to enhance radiance and protect against free radicals. 

Our oil-balm formula melts into the skin to deeply hydrate, nourish, and restore dry skin. It also protects and strengthens the skin barrier, while promoting a brighter, more even-toned complexion. This highly concentrated formula smooths and plumps the skin by adding intense moisture and preventing moisture loss.

BB Cream vs Beauty Balm: What is Beauty Balm Cream Used For?

Beauty balms should not be confused with beauty balm creams, also known as BB creams. The “BB” in BB cream can stand for beauty balm or blemish balm but the differences between the two products are significant. 

For starters, beauty balms are oil-based while BB creams are water-based. Beauty balms usually come in a jar while BB creams are much thinner and packaged in a tube. And although BB creams are a multi-use complexion product, they contain subtle tint to even out skin tone, along with moisturisers like hyaluronic acid and sunscreen. 

Beauty balm creams are used just like a tinted moisturiser or as a primer for a full coverage foundation to provide natural-looking coverage in a variety of shades.

Wrapping Up

Gisou’s Honey-Infused Beauty Balm is a must-have for nourished, healthy, radiant skin. Full of skin-loving, active ingredients, this one miracle product can replace a number of steps in your existing routine. It’s the perfect addition to your honey-infused beauty routine!

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