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Gisou 101: Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray

Summer’s the perfect time to bring out the beach waves and what better way to enhance your natural hair with a wave spray? Our Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray creates instant beachy waves, body and volume for an effortless, lasting tousled look, without making hair heavy, sticky or dry. 

Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of this Propolis Infused favorite!

Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray

What is the Texturising Wave Spray used for?

The goal of a texturising wave spray is to add texture, volume and body to your hair. Unlike a hairspray, it doesn’t hold your hair in place. Instead, it creates a messy texture and adds more definition. It’s possible to layer both in order to protect & hold your hairstyle. 

Why Propolis?

The key ingredient in our styling line is propolis, which is created and used by bees to build and protect the beehives. It acts as a protective barrier against external invaders and extreme temperatures. Propolis is used in hair products to strengthen hair, prevent breakage and split ends while enhancing hair texture, volume and definition to maximize styling results. A study shows that bee propolis can also contribute to hair growth

How to use the Texturising Wave Spray


To create a natural beachy wave, spray the Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray evenly from an arm’s length onto damp or dry hair from root to tip. Allow to dry naturally or blow-dry hair with a diffuser. 


While the product is drying, shape hair using fingers for more texture and volume by scrunching the hair or adding lift. Apply at the root area for more volume and massage product in.

Pro-tip: A common mistake is to spray too close to the hair or using too much product. The key is to slowly build up and start with only a few mists of wave spray. Depending on your hair type and texture, you might need more or less product. 

Added bonus: the Texturising Wave Spray smells like our signature Propolis Infused scent, inspired by the Mirsalehi Bee Garden. So it not only 

Heatless curls using the Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray

For heatless curls apply the Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray to towel-dried hair for texture and hold. Then wrap your hair in a bun or whichever technique you prefer. When your hair has dried, take hair out of the bun and run fingers through hair and add some additional Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray. Scrunch hair for added texture and volume.

Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray

What the Gisou Community says about the Texturising Wave Spray

The best texturising spray! 

The best texturising spray! I tried a few but they all made my hair dry and sticky. So I was hesitating to try it, but I’m soo happy I did. This spray really gives you volume and texture without leaving your hair dry or sticky. If you want to create waves just spray it in the evening, make a braid and go to sleep. You will wake up with perfect beach waves. Bravo Gisou!

Adeline R. - Verified Buyer

The perfect match for my curly hair

I really love this texturising wave spray. It gives my hair texture and let it glow and shine. My hair stays all day long in a wavy and curly look. And I love the feeling the spray gives to my hair: it makes it smooth and soft and it takes away the frizz and the dryness of my hair on rainy or hot days.

Julika K. - Verified Buyer


Love ❤️ another lovely addition from Gisou to my hair routine and care. The product is light and gives me beach waves and defines my waves. Super happy how it feels and smells after hair dries and my curls set. Leaves me with volume and strong hair. 

Sabina B. - Verified Buyer

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a product that will enhance your hair texture, add body and volume without weighing your hair down or making it crunchy, the Texturising Wave Spray is the right match! 

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