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Gisou at Angelina Pop-up Boutique Event

Gisou at Angelina represents the collaboration of two masters in their crafts as they were brought together through the binding nature of honey. On September 26th 2018, Gisou by Negin Mirsalehi and Angelina celebrated their collaboration with an exclusive press & influencer event at the premier Angelina Boutique on 226 Rue de Rivoli.

Gisou at Angelina Pop-up Boutique Event

Gisou at Angelina Paris

As they joined forces for this exclusive event, the haircare line, Gisou, and pâtissier, Angelina, aimed to bring more awareness to the importance of bees and the increasing scarcity of honey by presenting an unforgettable taste experience.

Exclusive Gisou At Angelina Honey Pastry

Honey is the binding agent that linked Gisou and Angelina for this exclusive collaboration: honey from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden is the key ingredient in Gisou haircare products, just as it serves as the key ingredient in the exclusive Gisou at Angelina pastry.

The Taste of Mirsalehi Honey

The special Mirsalehi honey incorporated in Angelina’s exclusive pastries was hand-extracted from the hive by Negin and her father. Mirsalehi honey boasts hints of spiciness from surrounding Hogweed plants to bring an overall rich and unique taste experience.

The taste of Gisou’s Mirsalehi honey is unlike any other and inspired Angelina’s patissiers to create the special Gisou at Angelina pastry, emphasizing its unique flavor. Christophe Appert, Angelina's pastry Chef, created a refined éclair pastry decorated with a chocolate plate décor, shaped like hive alveolus.

Gisou at Angelina Pop-up Boutique Event

He had the aim to create a pastry revealing the purity of honey through a gourmet experience: transpose its shiny and bright texture and enhance the perfect balance between its sweet taste and its powerful floral notes. 

A smooth choux pastry was filled with a Mirsalehi honey infused cream and caramelized almonds to provide hints of sweetness and richness. A delicate honey jelly served to release a fresh flavor. A light honey ganache and the modern alveolus chocolate plate décor finalized this indulgent and elegant éclair pastry. An ode to the bees!

Gisou at Angelina Pop-up Boutique

The Gisou at Angelina Pop-Up Boutique ran during Paris Fashion Week, from 26-28 September 2018 at Angelina at 226 Rue de Rivoli. In the boutique, Gisou and Angelina products were both available for purchase.

Special attention was given to the livelihood of honey bees and the tenuous process of harvesting pure honey. Guests gained more insight into the decline in the honey bee population, the increasing scarcity of honey, and the importance and necessity of flowers and bees to our ecosystem.

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