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Keratin Treatment: Pros, Cons & Better Alternatives

Pursuing frizz-free hair that is full of shine and luster is not always an easy feat. Turning to keratin treatments to help straighten hair is a popular choice. Often, these treatments promise long-lasting, manageable hair. 

While there are certainly pros to these treatments, there are some drawbacks to consider. In this blog, we look to find even better alternatives for the Brazilian blowout look. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly hair or any other hair type. We’ve got you!

Keratin Treatment

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are hair solutions often used by salons to straighten and smooth out hair. There are different ingredients and formulations in each treatment. However, the common denominator is the protein keratin. Each treatment works by changing the natural structure of each hair strand. In fact, keratin treatments break down the structure in order to reform it and create a shiny, lustrous look. 

The treatment is often performed by having a stylist wash and clean the hair. Usually, the treatment is brushed into the hair, ensuring each section is coated. The treatment will sit for about 30 minutes while it soaks into the inner layer of each strand. 

Depending on how curly or frizzy your hair is will determine the length of the treatment. It can take up to several hours in some instances. 

The Pros of a Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments have different pros, such as the finished look. It also helps manage any frizz that may come with hair that can’t be tamed. Since the body naturally produces keratin, it’s important to understand that keratin itself isn’t an issue. Let’s dive a little deeper. 

Silky-Smooth Results

One of the primary reasons most women seek out keratin treatment is because of the silky-smooth results that it produces. Our hair cuticles or cells tend to overlap and open up, causing frizziness and dryness. Keratin smooths these down, which helps lock in moisture. 

By bonding the hair back together, keratin offers longer-lasting results than straightening the hair with hot tools. It also holds strong through humid weather, making it feel more like a magic trick than a hair treatment. 

Frizz Control

Some keratin treatments don’t have harmful chemicals that give the overall treatment such a bad rep. When this is the case, it can actually have the opposite result. Keratin is a protein that strengthens the hair and controls frizz. Because it smooths down the cuticles and strengthens the hair, breakage is minimized. Hair can then feel and appear fuller, longer, and less frizzy.  


Styling curly, frizzy, or thicker hair can be both a curse and a blessing. When the hair is smoothed, it instantly becomes more manageable and easier to style. This can cut the time dedicated to hair management down significantly each day. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can mean freeing up hours each week. 

Keratin Treatment before and after

The Cons of a Treatment

Most keratin or straightening treatments, unfortunately, contain harsh ingredients that assist in breaking the hair structure down. This includes formaldehyde. Understanding what is in each treatment can help you make an informative decision and avoid damaging your hair. 

Harsh Chemicals

Sadly, many keratin treatments will hide the fact that their treatments contain many harsh chemicals. Current regulations, unfortunately, allow these companies to be dishonest and non-transparent about their ingredient list. This can ultimately cause hair damage and, worse, skin irritations. 

Because of this, it’s important to choose your products and treatments very carefully. More importantly, choosing the right brand can be the difference between healthy and happy hair and strands that fall out. 

Formaldehyde Concerns

One of the most concerning chemicals is Formaldehyde. Unfortunately, this is a common chemical in many keratin straightening treatments. This specific chemical has long been linked to various health issues, such as respiratory issues after inhalation. It also has caused skin and scalp irritations as well as itchy eyes. 

Potential Damage

The immediate results of keratin treatments can be beautiful. However, long-term risk may not be worth it. Keratin treatments that include harsh chemicals can cause long-term damage that can be hard to recover from. This is especially true for those who have finer hair. 

When the treatment works to break down the natural structure, it can be hard to get that natural structure back. This creates brittle and weak strands. 

hair repair serum with keratin

Better Alternatives to Traditional Keratin Treatments

Thanks to research, technology, and beauty brains, there are better hair straightening alternatives to keratin treatments that contain these damaging ingredients. Getting sleek and shiny shouldn’t be a difficult process. In fact, it can be enjoyable with the right products. 

Repair and Revitalize with Hair Repair Serum

A hair repair serum is the ultimate product to restore hair’s natural health. While some Keratin treatments may have chemicals, choosing a hair repair serum that is natural yet powerful is important. 

Gisou’s Hair Repair Serum contains 96% natural ingredients, such as the Bee Garden Oil Blend, which has superior technology to ensure fresh application each time. This hair serum offers plant-based keratin, meaning that you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals. 

Maximize Manageability with Hair Primer

Frizz can be a major pain. However, managing it can be effortless when incorporating a hair primer into your daily routine. Gisou’s Polishing Primer is lightweight, which reduces drying time. The best time for application is fresh out of the shower with damp hair. 

Applying the hair primer evenly will help not only repair hair but also prevent split ends and breakage when using any hot tools. This is mainly due to the sweet almond oil extract. Let’s not forget the argan oil responsible for leaving your hair shiny and lustrous. 

Primer and hair oil

Achieve Dazzling Shine with Hair Oil

Keratin leaves a glossy finish. Luckily, that glossy finish can be replicated with the right hair oil. Particularly Gisou’s Hair Oil, as it’s a lightweight option that not only leaves hair shining but has plenty of benefits. The Mirsalehi honey not only adds luster but hydrates from within while controlling frizz. 

Since honey is a natural humectant, moisture gets locked into the strands from the inside. With its 72-hour hydration benefit, hair becomes manageable even in humid weather. 

Protect from Damage with a Heat Protecting Spray

It’s no secret that many rely on hot tools to straighten their hair. Regardless of whether it’s a blowout or a hair straightener, everyone should be using a heat-protecting spray. Gisou’s Heat Protecting Spray has a few notable benefits worth exploring. 

For starters, protecting up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit provides a decent safety net. More importantly, it’s able to filter out UV rays that can be incredibly damaging. Environmental factors are often an overlooked issue. This spray also works to heal split ends but also adds shine, thanks to the honey properties. 

A Combination Of Great Products

When it comes to straightening your hair, damaging straightening treatments aren’t the only option. While keratin is not inherently bad, many chemicals are associated with it in treatments. Luckily, many alternatives and products can work together to get the desired result. 

Looking at Gisou’s Hair Product page is a great place to start. The above products can work together in your hair care routine to achieve optimal results. Don’t wait to start repairing your hair today.

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