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How to prevent hair damage

While all of us suffer from the occasional bad hair day, it’s undeniable that those with damaged hair will have this issue on more than one occasion. Those of us with damaged hair find ourselves in an ongoing cycle of being unhappy with how our hair looks and resorting to damaging methods to make it look better. We’re here to help you realise how you might be damaging your hair, and how you can prevent damaged hair! 

How to prevent hair damage

What is damaged hair?

Each hair has a protective outer layer (the cuticle) which protects the inner layers (cortex and medulla). On healthy hair, the cuticle lies closed and flat, giving the hair a smooth and shiny appearance. When hair is damaged, the cuticle can crack, lift or even be removed causing split ends and tangles. The raised cuticles also allow more moisture to escape. All in all, this makes the hair look dull, dry, and frizzy, and more prone to breakage. 

We know it’s extremely difficult to put down the styling tools when you’re already in this position. We are here to tell you how to prevent damaged hair before it starts, so that bad hair days are a thing of the past.

How you’re damaging your hair & how to prevent hair damage

Heat & sun damage

This may seem obvious, but heat is one of the main ways most of us damage our hair. Whether it's styling tools, hot water or even the sun, heat strips the hair of moisture, lifting and cracking the hair’s cuticle, making it more vulnerable to breakage. 

Prevent damage from heat by:

Colour treating your hair

There’s no escaping it, changing the colour of your hair makes it prone to damage. Whether it’s dyeing or bleaching, these processes can strip the protective layer from your hair (the cuticle), while also damaging the bonds inside the hair. All of this can cause your strands to weaken and break. 

How to prevent damaging your hair when colour treating:

  • Keep hair well nourished pre- and post-colouring using our Honey Infused Hair Mask twice a week. If you want an extra nourishing boost for your hair, mix a few drops of Hair Oil with a scoop of Hair Mask and distribute through the lengths of your hair. Allow the products to absorb overnight, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • Ensure you get good quality hair colour and the appropriate developer (a professional hairdresser will be able to help you with this!)
  • Use a nourishing, colour-safe, sulphate-free shampoo, such as our Honey Infused Hair Wash.
  • Healthy, shiny, voluminous hair all starts with a healthy scalp, so consider using a scalp treatment a couple of times a week to rebalance your scalp microbiome and eliminate any dryness. 

Salt and chlorine

We would never suggest skipping out on your next beach vacation, but sadly, days at the pool or beach can leave your hair dry and brittle due to chlorine and saltwater. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water.

Instead, prepare your hair for the water by applying the Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner before swimming. Once you’re out, immediately rinse the water from your locks and apply our Honey Infused Hair Mask, which helps to restore moisture levels for an extra dose of honey infused damage prevention.

Hair ties

We all love our hair ties (even though we can never find them). But that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the many culprits behind damaged hair. This is because they pull on the hair, scalp and follicles causing breakage and even hair loss. To prevent this, let your hair down more often, and opt for silk or satin hair ties or hair clips instead. 

When you do decide to put your hair up, opt for a loose ponytail, messy bun, or braid. We love Molly Mae’s top knot as much as the next gal, but tight hair styles can lead to damage and in extreme cases, hair loss from pulling on the hair follicle and damaging the cuticle. 


Drying your hair might seem like the most simple step in your routine, however, using the wrong towel can make or break your locks. Your hair is in its most fragile state when it’s fresh out of the shower. 

Prevent damaging your hair by avoiding harsh cotton towels, which can cause friction, leading to frizz and damage. Instead, pull out your soft microfiber towel or even a simple cotton T-shirt. Both fabrics are softer and more gentle on your strands, and absorb the water without causing frizz. 

Over washing

Over-washing strips the hair of its natural oils, and can remove its protective layer (the cuticle), leaving your hair looking like it’s seen better days.

You can prevent this by using a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo such as our Honey Infused Hair Wash

We also advise stretching out your washing routine - instead of washing every day, try washing every other day. 

If the gym is leaving your hair in need of more frequent washing, try a co-wash using our Honey Infused Conditioner. Co-washing means rinsing your hair without shampoo and using a conditioner to hydrate your hair and leave it feeling fresh. The Honey Infused Conditioner is very lightweight and easily absorbed, making it your perfect co-wash companion. 

How to prevent hair damage

Using the right products for dry hair

Damaged hair often equals dry hair and the other way around (as dry hair is far more fragile and prone to breakage). For dry or damaged hair, we highly recommend our Honey Infused line. Specifically, the Honey Infused Hair Oil and Honey Infused Hair Mask. These products are Infused with Mirsalehi Honey, a powerful natural substance that contains various vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

For dry or damaged hair, try the Honey Infused Hair Oil, Mask or Leave-In conditioner. These are all deeply nourishing products which will help to restore your hair’s natural moisture balance and prevent further breakage. 

Try to use the Honey Infused Hair Mask weekly to hydrate and replenish hair while improving its elasticity, shine and health. Use the Honey Infused Hair Oil to deeply nourish the hair and lock in moisture after washing. And finally, keep your hair hydrated between washes using the Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner.

Wrapping up

With a few simple steps, you can still enjoy all of the activities mentioned above, without having to worry that you’re damaging your tresses. 

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