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How to Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

Do you ever straighten your hair in the morning, only to have it curl, wave, or become frizzy by midday? We feel you! It can be incredibly frustrating to put in all that effort only to have it go to waste in just a few hours.

But don’t despair!  We’re here to help you achieve the sleek, straight hair you desire and keep it that way all day. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the world of hair straightening, these tips will take your straight hair game to the next level!

How to Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

Prepping Your Hair Before Straightening

Before we dive into the actual straightening process, let’s talk about why preparing your hair is so important for achieving straightening results that last all day. Just like you wouldn’t build a house on a shaky foundation, you shouldn’t straighten your hair without a solid base!

When your hair is properly prepared, it becomes smoother, easier to work with, and less prone to damage from the heat of your flat iron. The end result? Straight, shiny locks that stay that way all day long, whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy, or frizzy.

So, how do you prepare your hair for straightening? It all starts with the basics: washing, conditioning, detangling, and drying. Here are some tips to help you nail each step:

  1. Wash: Start with a sulfate-free shampoo to gently remove any dirt, oil, or product buildup. Our Honey-Infused Hair Wash is a perfect choice because it’s 92% natural and supercharged with hydration to leave the hair soft, shiny, and more manageable. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue behind that could weigh your hair down or make it look greasy.
  2. Condition: Choose a weightless, nourishing conditioner, like our Honey Infused Conditioner, which leaves the hair hydrated and manageable without weighing it down. Be sure on the ends where dryness and damage are most likely to occur and leave it on for 1 -2 minutes before rinsing to help moisturise, smooth, and detangle your hair.
  3. Detangle: Gently squeeze the excess water from your hair using an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel. Then mist your hair with our Honey-Infused Leave-In Conditioner from midshaft to ends to help to prevent breakage and make the detangling process smoother overall. Using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush, gently remove any knots or tangles from your hair, starting from the bottom and working your way up.
  4. Blow Dry: Apply our Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray and blow dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry. Then use a round brush to smooth the hair as you complete the drying process. Use your round brush to add lift at the crown and begin directing your hair in the way you want it to lay for the finished style. This will help to reduce the amount of time you’ll need to expose your hair to the heat of your flat iron later, reducing the potential for damage.
How to Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

Straightening Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Flat irons use heated plates to smooth out the hair and create a sleek, straight look. The key to successfully using a flat iron is working in small sections, starting at the root and slowly moving down to the ends. 

Be sure to choose a flat iron with an adjustable heat setting and choose a temperature that’s appropriate for your hair type. Finer hair can typically use a lower heat setting, while thicker or curlier hair will likely need a higher temperature to get the job done. 

Here’s how to straighten your hair with a flat iron in a few simple steps:

  1. Apply a heat protectant: Apply a heat-protecting spray to your hair before straightening to help prevent damage. Focus on the lengths of your hair and the ends, which are more prone to damage.
  2. Section Your Hair: To ensure that you straighten every strand of your hair, divide it into sections using hair clips. Working in smaller sections will also achieve a sleeker, straighter look that lasts longer.
  3. Straighten Your Hair: Preheat your flat iron, then work in small sections, clamping the flat iron at the roots and moving slowly down to the ends. Using a fine tooth comb to guide your flat iron can help you achieve an even sleeker result. Repeat this process until you’ve straightened all of your hair.
  4. Apply a Finishing Product: To help maintain your straight hair all day, apply a small amount of Honey-Infused Hair Oil to the ends of your hair and any other areas that tend to get frizzy. This will help to add shine and keep your hair looking sleek and smooth. You can also apply a small amount of lightweight hairspray if needed to hold your style in place. 

How to Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

Chemical Straightening for Thick, Curly Hair

 While straightening the hair with a flat iron is typically the first method that comes to mind, chemical straightening may be worth considering if you’re looking for a longer-lasting solution, especially if your hair is very thick and curly. 

This technique involves using a chemical treatment to break down the protein bonds in your hair to make it straighter. A few different types of permanent straightening treatments are available, including keratin treatments and Japanese thermal straightening.

It’s important to know that these treatments can be harsh on your hair and cause damage if not done correctly. Working with a professional stylist to find the best treatment for you is crucial, as they can assess your hair type and ensure the treatment is done safely.

How to Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

Straightening your hair requires a lot of time and effort, so you’ll want to ensure it stays that way all day. Here are a few of our favorite products to help you achieve this:

  • Hair Primer: Our Propolis Infused Polishing Primer is a lightweight styling product that can help to smooth your hair and make it more manageable while providing workable hold. It will also help to shield your hair from humidity, preventing frizz throughout the day. To use, apply a small amount of hair primer to the hair before blow drying to help tame flyaways and help your hair hold its style all day.
  • Hair Oil: Using hair oil can help to add shine, moisture, and smoothness to your hair, making it look sleek and more polished. It will also help to fight frizz and flyaways throughout the day, keeping your straight and sleek longer. Apply a drop or two of hair oil from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair as the last step in your styling routine.
  • Hair Spray: A good hair spray can also help hold your style in place all day. Look for a lightweight formula that’s less likely to weigh your hair down, and use it sparingly to help hold your style all day.

How to Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

How to Keep Curly Hair Straight After Straightening

If you have curly hair, you know that it can be even more challenging to keep it straight after straightening it with a flat iron. So, aside from the tips above, what else can you do to keep your curly hair straight longer? 

Start by choosing a high-quality flat iron with ceramic or tourmaline plates, which distribute the heat more evenly. Once your hair is styled, apply a small amount of hairspray to your hands and run it through the lengths of your hair for extra hold. And finally, avoid touching your hair. The more you touch your hair, the more likely you are to cause frizz.

How to Maintain Straightened Hair

So, how do you maintain your straightened hair in between wash days? Here are some tips to help you keep your hair straight, sleek, and shiny for as long as possible.

  • Fight Humidity: Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of straightened hair. To combat frizz and curling caused by humidity, apply a tiny amount of hair primer to refresh your style, focusing on areas that tend to curl or frizz. It will provide a protective barrier between your hair and the moisture in the air.
  • Wrap Your Hair Before Sleep: To help keep your hair straight while you sleep, consider wrapping it before bed. Use a silk or satin scarf to wrap your hair, just like you would with a towel when you get out of the shower. Be careful not to create any creases or kinks.
  • Use a Silk Pillowcase: Another way to protect your hair while you sleep is to use a silk pillowcase. Silk causes less friction on the hair than cotton, which can help to reduce frizz and keep the hair straight longer.
  • Touch Up In Between Wash Days: Sometimes, you may need to touch up your hair in between washes to maintain its straightness. Try using a mini straightener or a hot brush to touch up any areas that have become frizzy or wavy without applying heat where you don’t need it.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your hair sleek and straight all day long isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely possible with the right products, techniques, and a little bit of extra effort. From properly preparing your hair before straightening to maintaining your straightened hair between washes, Gisou’s Honey and Propolis Infused Hair Products can help you keep your locks looking fabulous and frizz-free!

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