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Honey for Chapped Lips: The Benefits + How to Use It

There’s nothing like the sun, wind, or winter cold to dry out your lips. Chapped lips are not very charming… and they can even be kind of painful.

But before you reach for any old lip balm, there are a few things you should know. Many lip balms contain petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Others contain things like menthol, mint, or salicylic acid. All of these ingredients can actually be very irritating and drying on the lips.

And, although lip balms may provide temporary comfort, they often leave your lips more dehydrated than they were before. Most lip balms don’t do anything to promote healing, either. That’s why you wind up in a vicious cycle of reapplying without ever getting any lasting relief.

Have you considered applying honey to your lips instead? It just might be the miracle cure for chapped lips you’ve been looking for! Let us tell you all about the benefits of honey for chapped lips and how to use it.

Benefits of honey for chapped lips

Is honey good for chapped lips?

Yes, honey is good for chapped lips and dry lips, too! It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties. You can apply honey to your lips throughout the day to protect chapped lips from cracking or infection, promote healing and add moisture.

How does honey help chapped lips?

Although the skin on your lips looks very different from the skin on the rest of your body, it’s actually quite similar. The lips are made up of three cellular layers: the outer layer, or stratum corneum (made mostly of dead skin cells), the epidermis, and the dermis.

The difference is, these layers are much thinner on the lips than they are on the rest of your body. That means the lips are more vulnerable to damage from the elements, including sun, wind, and cold. Lips don’t have oil glands either, which means they don’t receive the benefit of that added moisture.

Honey has long been used in skincare for its natural emollient and humectant properties. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture, keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day. Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe chapped lips. 

Honey’s antibacterial properties also help to prevent infection if the lips become cracked. Honey’s natural wound healing properties will also help chapped or cracked lips heal faster. And finally, honey also has mild exfoliating properties to gently remove dry, flaky skin without causing irritation.

With regular use, honey can actually cure chronically chapped lips and prevent chapped lips in the future.

How to Use Honey for Chapped Lips

Of course, you can apply honey straight to your lips with a finger or a cotton swab, but that could get kind of messy, especially if you want to use it on the go. This is why we created the Honey Infused Lip Oil, a lip oil infused with honey from our own bee garden, with a convenient applicator so you can reapply throughout the day. 

Gisou’s Honey Infused Lip Oil is made with antioxidant-rich Mirsalehi Honey and intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid. It also contains our proprietary Mirsalehi Bee Garden Oil Blend with fatty acids to instantly smooth, condition, and restore dry, chapped lips and protect them from the elements.

Our Lip Oil can be worn underneath lipstick or on its own like a lip gloss to provide hydration and shine to dry, chapped lips.

How to use honey for chapped lips

How to Prevent Chapped Lips

Summer sun, cold weather, wind, and illness can all cause dry, inflamed, chapped lips. But with proper care, you can prevent chapped lips for good!

1. Apply Honey on Lips Overnight

You already know that honey is an excellent natural remedy for chapped lips. Leaving honey on your lips overnight gives it more time to deeply hydrate the lips and prevent chapping. Using a honey-infused lip oil before bed is also a great idea because it will have more time to work its magic while you sleep. You will wake up with smooth, conditioned lips that will be more resistant to chapping.

2. Stay Hydrated

Applying honey to chapped lips provides external hydration, but you should also drink plenty of water to keep lips hydrated from the inside as well. Hydration is essential for healthy skin, and that includes the lips.

3. Try a Humidifier

Dry air is a leading cause of chapped lips. Consider using a humidifier in your home if you live in a dry climate or during the winter when the air is especially dry. Humidifiers add moisture to dry air, which can help to prevent chapped lips by keeping them hydrated.

Wrapping Up

Honey makes an amazing lip moisturiser, but it does so much more than that! Honey’s unique healing benefits and antibacterial properties make it an excellent remedy for dry, cracked lips. Show your lips a little extra love and care with our Honey Infused Lip Oil and say goodbye to chapped lips for good! 

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