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5-Minute Hair Hacks That Will Change Your Hair

Hair routines have always been a sticky subject. Some days, we are in the mood for long and luxurious spa treatments. On other days, we want 5-minute hair hacks that will change the game for us. You know, that effortless look some people just pull off?

Well, we took the time and did the research. No need to spend hours searching for the next big thing to save your hair. You can simply take advantage of these awesome life-saving hair hacks that take no more than a few minutes out of your day. 

Hair Hacks

Our Favorite Quick and Easy Hair Hacks 

Without further adieu, here is everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy head of hair. Doesn’t matter whether you have fine hair, curly hair, or hair that is already in good shape. These products and hacks work for everyone.

Repair Split Ends with Hair Serum

Using hair serum to repair your split ends is a game changer. But not everyone knows what to use and how to use it. Gisou’s Hair Repair Serum is a great example of a worthy product because it has key ingredients that can help reverse damage.

  • Mirsalehi Honey helps provide the necessary hydration that the hair is lacking. Honey is also a humectant that naturally grips onto the hair for absorption.
  • Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3,6, and 9 nourish and strengthen your hair.
  • Keratin is a known ingredient used to repair brittle or dry hair. Gisou uses a plant-based source, meaning it’s cruelty-free and more sustainable than animal-derived keratin. 

Apply the serum on damp hair from the mid-lengths of your hair to the end where it needs the most love. The downward motion helps smooth hair follicles. This leaves a weightless, smooth appearance that helps damaged hair. Serums can be left in until the next wash!

5-Minute Beach Waves with Texturizing Spray

Bubbly beach waves are always the rave. But getting the wave is a totally different story. You don’t have to work with hot tools when you have the right texture spray. 

Spray Gisou’s Texturizing Wave Spray from an arm’s length distance evenly throughout damp hair, then scrunch hair to add waves, texture, and volume. Allow it to dry naturally or blow-dry hair with a diffuser.

Hair Hacks

Tame Frizz with Hair Oil

Don’t you hate it when the hair gets all frizzy and out of control because of humidity or static? Don’t stress, hair oil can do wonders for that.

Similar to a hair serum, hair oil also has restorative properties, but it should be applied to dry hair whereas hair serum should always be applied to damp hair. A little goes a long way, so you may only need 1-2 drops. You can add a few more if your hair's a little thicker. To best apply, use the following tricks.

  1. Drop a few drops into your palms and rub your palms together, warming up the oil. 
  1. Run your hands through dry hair and evenly spread it through the lengths of your hair. You can even gently comb your fingers through your hair to detangle and smooth frizz
  1. Avoid the scalp area if your hair is prone to greasiness. If you’re going for a sleek bun look, applying a little bit of hair oil to the top of your hair will help smooth down baby hairs.

Hair oiling is a great five-minute hair hack that is low maintenance and yields amazing results. 

Create Heatless Curls Overnight

Heatless curls are an easy way to get amazing results that are damage-free. You can order a heatless curls hair accessory to wrap your hair around, but if you don’t have one of those handy, a silk pillowcase, robe belt, or long socks are also great substitutes.

A great trick and hair hack is to layer your hair up with the right products before wrapping them. The first step is to rinse your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner. After you do this, you can apply your texture spray to help hold the volume the next day. Then go ahead and wrap your hair and sleep on it overnight. 

The next morning, you should have volumizing, beautiful bouncy curls. 


Protect Your Color with Heat Protectant

It’s not always possible to completely toss out the hot tools. But if we are going to use our hot tools, then at least use good heat protection. A good heat protectant should help seal the outer layer. 

Gisou’s Heat Protecting Spray is unique in its own right. Let’s dive in.  

  • Mirsalehi Propolis protects your hair from not only extreme heat but also from the sun, which can cause some major damage. 
  • It’s filled with flavonoids, vitamins, and essential minerals that help form a barrier from outside forces while also nourishing from the inside out. 
  • It protects up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit with a UV filter. 

These are just a few of the amazing benefits when you choose not just a heat protectant but a multi-functional product. 

Hair Hacks

Add a Few Drops of Hair Oil to Your Conditioning Mask

Hair masks are wonderful to get a spa-like treatment right at your house. But you can do one better by adding in an extra dose of love for those who have hair that is particularly damaged or dry. Adding a few drops of hair oil can not only help tame frizz but also give it a smooth and well-hydrated feel. 

Go about your normal routine when it comes to getting your hair mask on.   Mix a full dropper of hair oil with a generous scoop of our Honey Infused Hair Mask before applying it throughout the lengths of your hair. Whether it’s before a shower or overnight, rinse thoroughly and follow with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Massage Your Scalp to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

There are many benefits from scalp massages, but even more so when combined with a balancing scalp treatment. Massaging your scalp stimulates the blood flow which in turn promotes hair growth. Incorporating a scalp treatment into your massage routine is a great way to balance the scalp microbiome and create an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. 

Create a Sleek Bun with Hair Primer

There is nothing more stylish these days than a sleek bun. Plus, it’s very tactical and keeps away the whispies. But a sleek bun only works if you have the right product. If you find yourself unable to tame whispies, then you must try out the Polishing Primer. It is lightweight, which is a must because the last thing your bun needs is a greasy look. 

The primer also has a unique ability to reduce frizz and speed up drying time after getting out of the shower. Say hello to enhanced texture and more volume. 

Hair Routines Can Be Made Easy

Usually, when our hair routines are difficult, we only stick to it a few times before letting it go. That’s why taking advantage of hair hacks and hairstyles that are made easy can be an absolute game changer. These hair hacks listed above are among the most popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a few of your own.

Quality products are the key to success in any hair care routine. That’s why Gisou has a number of options to choose from to ensure healthy and happy hair for all. The best part is they are all multifunctional, which makes your hair hacks even easier.

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