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Gisou bee season 21


Bee season has returned to the Mirsalehi Bee Garden.


As the days are becoming longer and warmer, the Mirsalehi Honey Bees wake up from hibernation and get ready to get to work. A lot happens both in and outside of the hive during this time of year and this season, we are taking you through each phase and giving you a closer look.

We're inviting you to be a part of Gisou’s bee season 2021!

From pollination to honey harvest, we’re taking you with us to raise awareness on the importance of bees for our ecosystem.

Bee season calendar

  • The bees are working in the hive tending the queen and the larvae. The foragers are collecting pollen and nectar from every wildflower they visit outside the hive to support colony growth.

  • Depending on the area or management style, the population of bees in a hive will vary. Most estimates are in the range of 40 to 60,000! The colony, if big enough, will continue to rear drones. Swarm season also continues in June.

  • If the weather is good the main nectar flow will occur. The major swarm season winds down in mid-July, even though the population is still high. The summer heat requires the bees to ventilate and perhaps lay outside the hive on the hottest evenings to cool down.

    Beekeepers: If there is no good water source, consider providing one to cool the hive. Add another super to hives at this time and continue inspecting the hives weekly, looking for the queen and checking on the overall health of the hive.

  • The colony strength diminishes fast. Drones are still present. Outside activity is reduced since there is little nectar available. Sometimes the old queen is replaced with the new queen.

    Beekeepers: The best time to harvest honey for the season is when the frames contain at least 80% sealed and capped honey. Always inspect the hive to ensure the bees have enough honey to last them throughout the winter period. Extract the surplus honey and ensure the queen has enough room to lay more eggs.

How to sow

Have you received our Flower Seeds Set with your order? For best results, follow our sowing instructions and support the honey bees with us.

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